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Understanding the young sexual body

ESRC funded seminar series

ESRC funded seminar series - Understanding the young sexual body

This series will foreground the body whilst drawing upon cutting edge research on:

  • Young people’s sexual health
  • Sexual relations and relationships
  • Sexual subjectivities
  • Sexuality education.

It will discuss the role of media, popular culture, commerce and technologies in the construction of different understandings of the young sexual body. Divided into four key events, the series invites discussion on:

  • Competing knowledges of the young sexual body (seminar 1)
  • The errant body (seminar 2)
  • Invaded/invading bodies (seminar 3)
  • The desiring body (seminar 4).

The series will culminate with an international conference in April 2015 hosted by The Open University.

The seminars will draw together two distinct groups:

  • Leading academics, early career researchers and PhD students working in the fields including childhood and youth studies, health and social policy, critical social psychology, psychoanalysis, medicine, education and media and communication studies
  • Practitioners and agencies dealing with young people’s sexual health and education in the UK.

This series aims to foster partnerships, and creative dialogue, between leading academics and practitioners broadly concerned with young people’s sexualities and sexual health and well-being.

It aims to include front-line practitioners’ experiences and perspectives within this dialogue so it is a dynamic interactive two way process. The overall aim is to facilitate the impact of applied social research in both policy and practice.

For more information on our previous seminars see our Seminar series report.

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