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The Open University


Faculty of Health & Social Care

ESRC seminar series

University of Sheffield 30th March 2007 and The Open University 3rd-5th May 2007

Service User Agendas in Research: Emancipatory and Inclusive Paradigms

How can we work together as researchers?

People with learning difficulties who have experience of working as learning disabled researchers have asked for discussions – on their own terms – with university researchers. There will be four meetings.

In a big meeting where learning disabled researchers lead the debate, learning disabled and university researchers will talk about ways of working together. Other people will be included in this meeting. If you are interested in attending, please email.

There will also be three smaller meetings where learning disabled researchers will be supported to write down or record their ideas. Two of these meetings will be before the big meeting and one will be afterwards.

All the meetings will mostly be about learning disability research but we hope that some of the people who come will also talk about other groups and research.

We hope that the meetings will make it possible for:

  • university researchers and learning disabled researchers to talk about their research in an accessible and interesting way.
  • learning disabled researchers to write down or record their ideas about research.
  • PhD students and new researchers to learn about ways of supporting learning disabled researchers.

This seminar series has been organised by Professor Dorothy Atkinson of the Open University, Dr Kathy Boxall of Sheffield University and Dr Ian Buchanan of the Open University, supported by Pat Chalk at the Open University. The planning has been led by Carlisle People First, Central England People First and Manchester People First. 

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