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Mr Chris Edwards

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Research interests

Research interests include learning analytics and he has a focus on the transition to university study and on ways to enable students to become more effective in their learning.

Teaching interests

Chris chairs the masters module H817 Openness and Innovation in elearning and is a University 'data wrangler': using module presentation data to report on the effectiveness of the design of curriculum. He also supports the development of new curriculum and its representation through learning outcomes.


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Edwards, Christopher
Science Communication, 25(3) (pp. 260-271)
Developing the Language Learning Support Dimensions (LLSD) from research into second language acquisition and informed by the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) (2014)
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Edwards, Chris and Perez Cavana, Maria Luisa
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Edwards, Chris
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Edwards, Chris
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Edwards, Chris
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Rienties, Bart; Edwards, Chris; Gaved, Mark; Marsh, Vicky; Herodotou, Christothea; Clow, Doug; Cross, Simon; Coughlan, Tim; Jones, Jan and Ullmann, Thomas
Open University UK
Learning Outcomes at the Open University (2015)
Edwards, Chris
IET, The Open University, Milton Keynes.