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Dr John Butcher

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Associate Director (Curriculum and Access)
  • Learning and Teaching Innovation
  • Institute of Educational Technology
  • Academic Team
  • john.butcher

Professional biography

As Associate Director (Curriculum and Access) in LTI at the OU, I am responsible for the development, enhancement and implementation of the portfolio's teaching curriculum. This includes leadership of the university’s UK-wide Access provision (three 30 credit Level 0 interdisciplinary Access modules).  I am Deputy Director on the Open Programme and support the MAODE. I lead the Access Observatory and through that, evaluation and reporting of WP initiatives internally (implementation and evaluation of the university’s Widening Access and Success Strategy) and externally ( OFFA  returns). I am Academic Lead for the Access Student Support Team and I represent the OU on the FACE executive.

My previous roles include: Head of Academic Practice & Learning Innovation at University of Derby; Senior Academic Development Advisor at University of Northampton; Director of Learning & Teaching at University College Falmouth, and before that Staff Tutor in Education at the Open University. I began my career teaching and managing in post-16 education (FE and sixth form).

I am an active researcher. I have supervised 13 doctorates to successful completion and I am currently supervising two doctorates in professional and academic development. I have gained funding, as Principal Investigator, for a number of research projects: Understanding the impact of outreach on access to higher education for disadvantaged adult learners (OFFA, 2016-17);  "Part-time higher education in the UK" (HEA, 2014-15); "Employability and WBL in art, design and media" (ADM subject centre, 2007-08); "Web portal for progression from foundation degrees in ADM" (NALN, 2006-08); “The Coordinator role in ITE” (TDA, 2004-5); "Bilingualism and Initial Teacher Education" (TTA, 2002-04); and internal scholarship funding for projects on the assessment of reflection, the language of assessment on Access modules and progression from STEM Access modules to L1 Science. My main areas of expertise are:

  • widening participation.
  • mentoring;
  • strategic academic/ professional development;
  • teaching skills in post-compulsory education;

I have published Developing Effective 16-19 Teaching Skills and co-edited Leading Professional Development in Education (both Routledge) and many journal articles, including those in: Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning, Journal of Further and Higher Education, International Journal of Academic Development, Innovations in Education and Teaching International, The Curriculum Journal; Journal of Education for Teaching; Teacher Development; Research Papers in Education; Open Learning; Mentoring and Tutoring. I have externally examined at the universities of Winchester, Northampton, Canterbury Christchurch, Oxford Brookes and Newport. I am currently External Adviser to the EdD at Leeds Beckett.

I was the founding editor of the open access international journal Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education, am on the Advisory Board of Journal for Further and Higher Education. I am currently Managing Editor for Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning and regularly review for others. I am a Review Coordinator for the Quality Assurance Agency and am an experienced chair of internal panels.

Research interests

My interests are in part-time learners in higher education, widening participation, and formative assessment. I have previously published research in mentoring, post-16 education, vocational education in schools and professional doctorates in education.

Teaching interests

My interests span the embedding skills development in Access courses and the supervision of students on the Professional Doctorate in Education.

Impact and engagement

My HEA research report and associated book chapter have been extensively cited in House of Commons Library Briefing Paper 'Part-time undergraduate students in England' (13 June 2017).

My scholarship on the language of assessment has been widely disseminated around the OU and externally and is impacting on learning design and discourses of assessment beyond the Access Programme.

External collaborations

The OFFA-funded research on adult outreach I led was in partnership with Birkbeck, Bristol and Leeds universities.

The ADM subject centre-funded research on employability and ADM was in partnership with Bath Spa, UWE and Plymouth universities.

The TDA-funded research on the school coordinator role in ITE was in partnership with Oxford, Oxford Brookes and Reading universities.


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