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Dr Laura Hills

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  • Central Academic Staff
  • Lecturer
  • Learning and Teaching Innovation
  • Institute of Educational Technology
  • Academic Team
  • laura.hills


Assessment worlds colliding? Negotiating between discourses of assessment on an online open course (2016)
Hills, Laura and Hughes, Jonathan
Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-learning, 31(2) (pp. 108-115)
Combining reflective logs with electronic networks for professional development among distance education tutors (2005-11)
Macdonald, Janet and Hills, Laura
Distance Education, 26(3) (pp. 325-329)
Developing frameworks to promote scholarship as a means of supporting teaching quality and effectiveness: a case study from within and across institutions (2016-03)
Hills, Laura and Meakin, Deborah
In : First Research and Scholarship in College Higher Education Conference (24 June 2015, London ) (pp. 15-21)
Achieving and maintaining a symbiosis between institutional priorities, personal professional development and improving student learning (2013-08)
Hills, Laura and Swithenby, Stephen
In : Improving Student Learning Symposium 2012: Improving student learning through research and scholarship: 20 years of ISL (29-31 August 2012, Lund, Sweden) (pp. 177-189)
Creating allowable personal and professional identities: the impact of changing contexts on SoTL activities and structures (2012-05)
Hills, Laura and Swithenby, Stephen
In : ProPEL: Professional Practice, Education and Learning International Conference (9-11 May 2012, University of Stirling)
Practitioner research as experiential learning?: the case of COLMSCT (2010-05)
Hills, Laura and Swithenby, Steve
In : Seventh International Conference on Networked Learning (3-4 May 2010, Aalborg, Denmark) (pp. 877-885)
Criteria for effective development of academic staffthrough practitioner research (2009-05)
Swithenby, Stephen and Hills, Laura
In : SEDA Spring Learning Teaching & Assessment Conference 2009 (07-09 May 2009, Brighton)
Professional development and ICT: the teachers’ experience (2003)
McCormick, Robert; Leach, Jenny; Harison, David; Hills, Laura; Moon, Bob and Beevor, Rebecca
In : British Educational Research Association Annual Conference (11-13 September 2003, Edinburgh)