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Mrs Tina Papathoma

Profile summary

  • Research Student
  • Research Student
  • Learning and Teaching Innovation
  • Institute of Educational Technology
  • tina.papathoma

Professional biography

I am a full-time PhD research student (Year 3) at the Institute of Educational Technology, UK, exploring how university educators learn to teach in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). I have a Master of Research (Education) from the Institute of Educational Technology of the Open University, UK and an MSc in Education, Technology and Society from the Graduate School of Education of Bristol University (UK). My background is in Philosophy and Education with a Bachelor degree from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). My research interests are related to Professional Learning and MOOCs. I am communicative in English, Greek (native speaker), French and Spanish.

I have an interest in different cultures and languages and have a multinational experience of living in 5 different countries. Most of my work placements have involved interaction with other people and have majorly helped me to practice and further develop my organizational and problem-solving skills.

I am a member of the Professional and Digital Learning (PDL) group. The PDL group explores how professionals learn in different organisations, including companies, government organisations, open networks, public sector organisations (including universities) and the Open University itself.

I am also a Member of the Global OER Graduate Network, part of UNESCO. This community targets a global network of open universities and other institutions involved in projects, policy development and implementation strategies on Open Educational Resources.

My PhD supervisors: Dr. Rebecca Ferguson, Prof. Allison Littlejohn, and Dr. Doug Clow 

Research interests

Professional Learning, Formal and Informal Learning, MOOCs, Teacher Education, Open Educational Resources, Assessment


Making the Production of Learning at Scale more Open and Flexible (2016)
Papathoma, Tina; Ferguson, Rebecca; Littlejohn, Allison and Coe, Angela
In : Learning at Scale 2016 (25-26 April, 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland) (pp. 273-276)
Investigating Learners’ Views of Assessment Types in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) (2015)
Papathoma, Tina; Blake, Canan; Clow, Doug and Scanlon, Eileen
In : EC-TEL 2015: Tenth European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (16–17 September 2015, Toledo, Spain) (pp. 617-621)