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Quality Enhancement

The Quality Enhancement Portfolio delivers the evidence base, analytics and pedagogic design expertise required for the Open University’s quality enhancement process and strategic oversight of the student learning experience. We research and analyse demographic, module, design and qualification data, enabling faculties, qualifications, programmes and senior team take strategic action in support of our goals for student retention, progression and a high quality learning experience. This portfolio supports the design of a world class learning experience for students, enabling them to achieve their learning goals in a timely way, and the University to adapt to students’ changing needs.

The portfolio delivers its outcomes through four major programmes, each briefly described:

  • Student Analytics 
    Institutional data, surveys, modelling and strategic analysis are contributed to stakeholders in faculties, programmes, Student Services and the senior team. These activities include support for faculty-based users and regular workshops on use of the data. Reports and sources are available please contact IET Student Statistics and Survey Team.
  • Quality Enhancement and Design 
    Learning Design tools have been developed for the Open University and are being rolled out across all faculties so that common tools for describing exemplar modules and qualifications are available and can guide both new and revised curriculum. Analysis of the effectiveness of module designs, drawing on the student data and survey feedback together with evidence from the VLE, is reported on a regular basis to faculties and programmes by the IET Data Wranglers. Leadership of learning from good practice drives a programme of seminars and documentation of exemplars. Evaluation of innovations such as MOOCs is currently part of this programme.
  • Scholarship and Knowledge exchange 
    The Scholarship Project Board, chaired by Professor Thorpe, brings together leaders of scholarship in every faculty and key stakeholders in the development of a repository for scholarship outcomes and deliverables. The repository, under development by IT, is planned for 2014 and development thereafter. IET will support effective use of the repository and facilitate sharing across the University in areas of the scholarship of teaching and institutional research.
  • Accessibility and Usability
    The Accessibility Programme convenes faculty specialists for the support of accessible curriculum and responsiveness to student needs. Testing and oversight of online tools and environments ensures that the Open University has unrivalled provision in this area. Research projects are underway in areas of open education resources and in support for accessibility in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


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