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Alan Shipman image
23 January 2015

Alan Shipman suggests that a lack of change in the bonus culture will prevent any increase in equity resulting from the Eurozone's Quantitative Easing programme.

Andrew Agyei-Holmes image
22 January 2015

Could emerging-economy farm machinery help poor farmers in Tanzania increase output and incomes? Andrew Agyei-Holmes examines the evidence.


Pantanî Blog image
15 December 2014

Géraud de Ville reports on Pantanî Blog, a digital storytelling project which broadcasts indigenous stories and worldviews.

Richmond Atta-Ankomah
26 November 2014

Could low-cost technologies from China help reduce inequality in Kenya? Richmond Atta-Ankomah’s research suggests they might.


Rebecca Hanlin
6 November 2014

Rebecca Hanlin highlights the need to broaden the understanding of what innovation means, and to mainstream its teaching within education systems.


Geraud de Ville's blog image
29 October 2014

Five research projects present strong evidence that solutions delivered at a local level result in sustainable actions that protect the environment.

Monoploy money
22 October 2014

Jonquil Lowe argues that government, as well as peer-to-peer firms, should tread carefully before encouraging savers to take on more risk than we can bear.

Professor Sudip Chaudhuri image
14 October 2014

A new study suggests policies to ensure the required market are crucial to the promotion of local production in small African countries.

Andrea Berardi with boa constrictor image
15 August 2014

Andrea Berardi argues that it's time indigenous communities were allowed to take control of the messages that are told about them.

Geoff Banda image
14 July 2014

Geoff Banda argues that if improvements to local health systems in Africa are to be long term, then security of supply must be addressed.