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News Archive for November 2017

Image of students learning in a multilingual classroom
28 November 2017

New research in Ghana and India highlights how children's learning can be damaged when pupils are taught in an unfamiliar language.

Image of Union Jack
27 November 2017

Look in today’s media, and you would be hard-pushed to miss stories touching on borders, citizenship and migration. In a world where increased polarisation is leading to the rise of xenophobia and solidarity activism (think the impact of the EU Referendum and the independence vote in Catalonia, as just two examples), increasingly we need to find a space to ask who we are and how we know who we are.

Image of student
16 November 2017

The Open University is recruiting for fully-funded part-time and full-time PhD opportunities in the social sciences, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Image of cotton-picking in India
6 November 2017

The Open University has been awarded funding by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to research the creative responses of small farmers in South India to food security, biodiversity and climate challenges. 

Image of the Acropolis in Athens
4 November 2017

Open University academics recently presented research focused on international innovation at the esteemed 15th Globelics International Conference in Athens. 

4 November 2017

Professor Richard Thaler, a contributor to the OU’s module ‘Doing economics: people, markets and policy’ (DD309), has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Professor Thaler is one of the founders of behavioural economics and he explains in his podcast how the Obama government chose to boost the American economy by giving people regular payments as opposed to an equivalent one-off sum which research shows people tend to save.

3 November 2017

A new project led by The Open University has been awarded funding by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The iBali Network project will last 15 months and is focused on helping young people in Africa to gain more from secondary education by using storytelling to increase engagement between teachers and young people.