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15 February 2018

Dr William Brown, Senior Lecturer in Government and Politics, presents ongoing research into Labour’s international development policy.

Jude Fransman OU image
7 June 2017

The OU's Dr Jude Fransman explores the relationship between evidence and participation in research partnerships.

Nollywood Seminar image
26 April 2017

The OU's Dr Françoise Ugochukwu reveals Nollywood as both sounding board and political advisory platform.

Professor Kunal Sen, Open University seminar image
5 April 2017

Professor Kunal Sen (University of Manchester) puts forward a new framework, grounded in political economy, for understanding growth.


Jo Chataway OU seminar image
15 March 2017

Professor Joanna Chataway (SPRU, Sussex) provides an overview of three frames for research and innovation funding and policy, and introduces the TIPC.

Philipp Horn Indigenous Rights podcast image
22 February 2017

Dr Philipp Horn (OU) discusses the barrier to development represented by the 'urban indigenous' and explore how Bolivia and Ecuador are bucking the trend.

Jo Beall OU seminar image
11 January 2017

Dr Jo Beall (British Council) examines the global trends, challenges and opportunities faced by higher education today.

Richmond Atta-Ankomah OU Informality as a Continuum seminar image
4 May 2016

Richmond Atta-Ankomah argues that the informal sector is inherently heterogeneous, and informality is best described as a continuum.

Julius Mugwagwa OU Innovative Spending Seminar image
6 April 2016

Using evidence from South Africa, the UK and Zimbabwe, Julius Mugwagwa discusses the impact of innovative spending on inclusive and sustainable health.

Giorgos Kallis OU Limits without Scarcity seminar
16 March 2016

Revisiting the notion of limits in modern environmentalism, Giorgos Kallis argues that collective self-limitation is the only way towards egalitarian abundance.

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