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Picture courtesy of Karam Yahya, refugees crossing in a boat
13 August 2018

Since 2015, Europe’s so-called 'refugee crisis' has been the centre of intense debate. But what if we began to look at it another way: as a refugee reception crisis?

Photo of a busy, diverse UK street
26 March 2018

Dr Ben Lampert, Lecturer in International Development at The Open University, discusses the critical role of Hometown Associations in development, with a focus on Nigerian diaspora in the UK.

22 January 2018

Dr Lina Adinolfi, Lecturer in English Language Teaching, discusses the process of 'localisation' in the TESS-India Project

Photo of Tim Seal, Technical Director
15 January 2018

As part of our #OpenInsights series, TESS-India's Technical Director, Tim Seal, talks about the tech that made the project a success.

Student Hub Live Brexit Special Economy image
18 May 2017

Alan Shipman, Jonquil Lowe and Will Brown discuss Brexit's impact on the UK's economy, business and development.

Student Hub Live Brexit Special Nations image
18 May 2017

George Callaghan, Janice Holmes and Richard Marsden discuss Brexit's impact on the nations of the UK.

Smita Srinivas interviewd by CNBC Africa
5 April 2017

IKD Visiting Fellow Smita Srinivas is interviewed by CNBC Africa at African Development Week in Dakar, Senegal.

Maureen Mackintosh image
8 March 2017

The XI SOAS Industrial Development and Policy Lecture given by Professor Maureen Mackintosh.

Alan Shipman podcast image
9 January 2017

Lecturer in Economics Alan Shipman discusses the balancing act the government has to perform – and why a new social divide may be emerging

Maureen Mackintosh at AERC DEGRP Conference, Nairobi
24 November 2016

IKD Director Maureen Mackintosh's interview at the DEGRP and AERC conference Economic Opportunities for a Better Future.

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