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Towards Inclusive Innovation, Asian Drivers, Global Value Chains and the Role of Commodities: Celebrating Raphael Kaplinsky’s Research

18 June 2015

Professor Richard Heeks introduces the notion of inclusive innovation and reads a message
from Professor Carlota Perez about Professor Raphael Kaplinsky’s contribution to economics of
innovation and international development.


Professor Johan Schot reflects on the idea of inclusive innovation, discusses its historical
development and proposes a new institutional agenda for long-term systemic change that
promotes social equality through innovation.


Professor Joanna Chataway discusses the importance of responsible innovation and
explains the role of public sector through procurement of innovative products.


Professor Stephanie Barrientos discusses the importance of value chain analysis as both an academic and policy tool that enables understanding of the actual processes of globalisation, poverty and inequality. 


Professor Mike Morris traces the development of Raphael’s Kaplinsky’s work on global value chains and explains the role of demand, upgrading, competitiveness and industrial policy in the context of globalisation.  


Professor Maria Savona discusses global value chains in relation to global structural changes in production processes and their implications for industrial policy.


Professor Xiaolan Fu draws on her joint research with Professor Raphael Kaplinsky to understand the Asian Drivers of global economic growth and more particularly the impact of China on the global market.


 Professor Giles Mohan discusses the impact of Asian Drivers on Africa’s development and emphasises the political and social aspects of the Chinese engagement in African business and developmental projects.


Professor Khalid Nadvi talks about the genesis of the Asian Drivers research programme and the consequences for global development.


Professor Michiko Nissanke discusses Professor Raphael Kaplinsky’s contribution to understanding of the role of commodities in development of emerging economies and presents her findings on commodity prices.


Dr Masuma Farooki reflects on the ideas of commodities and development, explaining why some of them need to be re-thought in the context of new research about BRICS, the financial crisis and the politics of commodities pricing.


Professor Raphael Kaplinsky responds to questions from audience on inclusive innovation, Asian Drivers, Global Value Chains and Commodities.

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