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Changing Farming Lives in South India, Past and Present


This project brings an original arts and humanities perspective to the crucial development challenges of food security, biodiversity, and climate adaptation faced by small and marginal farmers.


Sandip Hazareesingh, Open University (Principal Investigator)


This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).


Focusing on South India, Changing Farmers’ Lives explores the potential of history, film, and sound, to document and support small farmer creativity in developing resilience to these livelihood challenges.

It  aims to:

  • establish a long-term collaborative research network highlighting the salience of arts and humanities approaches to these developments
  • highlight the importance of women farmers’ knowledge of biodiversity in achieving the goal of food security
  • bring new indigenous voices from poorer communities into debates on sustainable development/livelihoods
  • promote the broader global relevance and recognition of these creative local  development initiatives
  • demonstrate the significance of historical perspectives in understanding social change and development issues
  • contribute fresh cultural insights on, and new meanings to, the concepts of ‘resilience’ and ‘development’

The project involves a partnership between researchers in the UK and the NGO Green Foundation in India.

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Sandip Hazareesingh