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Migration & Forced Displacement

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Migration and forced displacement are amongst the most pressing global challenges of our era. Our research focuses on two key areas:
Mobility, Skills and Development. The huge rise in refugee movements has recast the relationship between mobile populations and skills. Our research seeks to understand the linkages and analyse the implications for development. We also aim to build capacity amongst organisations to address the skills needs of these populations.
Integration and Citizenship. How are mobile populations challenging notions of citizenship and rights? How do these get reshaped in the context of new nationalisms both within Europe and in other continents? Such questions are addressed both theoretically and through engagement with local, national and international organisations.



Migration for Inclusive African Growth Network

Although the link between migration and development is well established, the implications for inclusive growth of North-South flows and migration within the global South have been underplayed.

Social and Political Impacts of South-South Migration: A Comparative Analysis of Chinese Migrant Integration in West Africa

China's impact on Africa has been discussed in terms of promoting 'bad' governance and/or signalling a new 'imperialism'. Yet, beyond this, Chinese migration represents a profound social change.