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Migration for Inclusive African Growth Network


Giles Mohan The Open University (Principal Investigator)
Anne Adams The Open University
Gill Clough The Open University
Allison Littlejohn The Open University   
Ben Lampert The Open University    
John Oyaro Oucho University of Nairobi
Inês Macamo Raimundo    
Aderanti Adepoju
Parvati Raghuram The Open University    
Delali Margaret Badasu


Funding is gratefully acknowledged from the Economic and Social Research Council, UK, under the Global Challenges Research Fund's Strategic Networks Programme project ES/P006558/1. All content on this page is the sole responsibility of the project investigators.

Grant period: 1 January 2017 - 30 June 2018.


The link between migration and development is well-established in theory and policy circles. However, the focus has been on migration from the global South to the global North, underplaying the importance of North-South flows and migration within the global South. These alternative flows have important implications for inclusive growth, understood as economic growth that creates opportunities for all in society and where the monetary and non-monetary benefits are fairly distributed.

The Migration for Inclusive African Growth network will look at how inclusive growth is, and can be, strengthened through inward investment by migrant groups in the service sector of 4 African countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique.

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Giles Mohan