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Appointments at residential schools

Supplementary information

Accommodation for teaching staff

Board and lodging will be provided as necessary (see Duration of stay). Permission to be non-resident will be granted only in exceptional circumstances.

Family, partners or friends cannot be accommodated by The Open University at residential schools. They will not be given or be allowed to share accommodation or take meals in catering areas reserved for University staff or students.

Duration of stay

For one-week residential schools you will usually be expected to arrive before lunch on the Saturday and to leave at the end of teaching sessions on the following Friday. Staff are not encouraged to stay over the Friday night at the end of their residential school appointment. If you are appointed for two weeks you will be given full board over the Friday evening and Saturday morning between the two weeks and no expenses will be paid for returning home for the Friday night. The timetable for your school will be sent to you before the school begins.

Handovers (French and Spanish schools) - If your role requires a debrief / handover to an opposite number, you must ensure you co-ordinate travel plans to allow sufficient time for this.

Eligibility to work in the UK

There are legal restrictions on who may undertake employment in the United Kingdom.  Nationals and Citizens of the European Economic Area and Switzerland are permitted to work within the UK, provided they are permanent residents within the UK.  Nationals and Citizens of other countries, however, will need to be granted permission to stay in the UK by the UK Border Agency, in order to undertake employment with the University.

We require documentary evidence for candidates eligibility to work in the UK for us to comply with UK employment law.  Once the selection process has been completed and if you are successful and we require this information from you we will contact you to arrange this prior to any contract being issued.  Please note we are unable to accept photocopies of documents; original document must be provided for checking by Open University staff.

To find out which visas and permissions you may require in order to work in the UK, please see or telephone 0114 207 4074. The general enquiries line is open from 09.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Health care

Health care cover in the European Economic Area (EEA)

Staff resident in the EEA are also advised to bring a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them when attending a school outside of their country of residence. UK residents can apply for an EHIC at the Post Office, online at or by telephone on 0845 606 2030. The EHIC provides free or reduced-cost emergency treatment during your stay.

Travel insurance

The Open University has arranged travel insurance and the cover provides for external journeys (outside insured person's country of residence/domicile) and those UK trips which include either an overnight stay and/or an internal flight. This insurance includes medical cover and also extends to provide coverage in respect of residential school staff. A separate guide Travel Insurance - What You Need to Know is available under Useful documents.

You will be expected to give assistance as required by The Open University in the investigation of any loss, damage, theft, or in conduct or defence of any claim against or by any third party in connection with your work at the school.