Using ORO: depositing an item transcript

Hi, I'm Chris and in this podcast, brought to you by Library Services, I'm going to talk about depositing an item in ORO.

The best way of getting to ORO is by using Google. Once on the home page click on the user area tab and then click new item. The list of item types accepted in ORO will be displayed; it defaults to journal article and that's what we'll use today. When keying in data the easiest way is to have a separate window open with the details you can copy and paste the data across to ORO. First the title and then the abstract. When entering the author ORO has a look up which auto populates your OUCU. This is essential in maintaining author views in ORO and the publications page in the People Profiles System.

We have three date fields to help monitor the REF submission, here I'm only entering one. The journal title also has auto complete function. In this instance there is no match. So I complete it manually. I enter the volume, the issue number and the page range.

I copy and paste the url. I have no data for the ISSN, related url or the copyright holder. Any missing data will be added by ORO editors when they check the item. I do though have some keywords I copy and paste from the publisher's website. When complete I click next and go to the upload screen.

Here I upload the authors accepted manuscript to ORO. I add some metadata to indicate that it is the Accepted Manuscript and click next to the deposit page. Here I click deposit item now. This record will then be reviewed by an ORO editor before it is made live.

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