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Screen reader guidance

Viewing results

Either select the title of the item in the results list or choose the View online link below it and then Open source in a new window. Doing this will allow you to return to the results list more easily.

Refining search results

Search results can be narrowed to resource type, for example, articles, journals etc. Links to refine your results in this way are listed below Resource Type, which is heading level 2. If your results include several resource types, links are provided to those giving the most number of results first. If there are further resource types to choose from a More options link is provided. This opens a box, but JAWS does not detect it. To access this and select different options, do the following:

  1. List the headings on the page and select Refine Search, heading level 2
  2. Each resource type has an include and an exclude check box, which appear before the name of the resource type
  3. Listen to the resource type and then either tab backwards or shift and F to select the relevant check box
  4. Select the Continue link to refine the search.

My Bookshelf

Each result has the option to Add to my book shelf. Use the My bookshelf link on any page to access this facility. Newly added references appear below the title Basket, which is heading level 2. References appear in table format. To add references to a folder you can:

  1. Choose the New folder link to create and name a folder
  2. Check boxes are provided for each reference and are labelled with the reference title. Select the references which are to be moved to the folder
  3. Select the Copy link and press Enter
  4. Select the folder title, which appears as a link
  5. Choose the Paste link to add the references to the folder.

If, after reading this page, you still have queries about using the service, please contact the Library Helpdesk on +44 (0)1908 659 001, complete a query form or chat to a member of OU library staff during our opening hours using our Webchat service.

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