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One stop search replaced by Library Search

One stop search was replaced by Library Search in April 2015. Library Search gives you access to more of the library’s resources than One stop search. You can now easily find articles, ebooks, databases, and ejournals from one search box.

Library Search

How to access One stop search saved folders

If you created your own login for One stop search and have saved resources via One stop search you will still be able to access those saved resources through EBSCOHost. Sign in with your EBSCO username and password.

If you no longer want to use the EBSCOHost folder to store your resources you could export them to a bibliographic management tool.

If you have any questions or need any help please do contact the Library helpdesk.

Alternative ways of saving your resources

"My Bookshelf" in Library Search allows you to save resources, searches and alerts so that they are always there when you log in. From your bookshelf you will be able to print, e-mail, save resources or export them to a bibliographic management tool.

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