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Understanding ebooks

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Ebooks are online versions of the print books you see in bookshops. All the ebooks in our library can be read online.

Our ebooks can be dictionaries, encyclopedias, text books or many other types of book, and cover a very wide range of subjects.

Here is an example of one of our ebooks:

Oxford English Dictionary

The print version of the Oxford English Dictionary consists of 20 volumes, and can only be accessed in the Library building.

The ebook version can be accessed by all our students and it can be searched in many different ways making it much more useful and interesting.

Our ebooks are great because

  • You can quickly search within the whole book
  • They are academic quality and free to you
  • They are available 24/7

You can search for the ebooks in our online library through Library Search.

Ebooks will usually have a search box to help you find information quickly. You can browse through the pages as you would with a print book. 

Although you can read our books individually we buy them as part of a collection or database.

This is useful because:

  • You can search the content of hundreds of books at the same time
  • You can find similar books in the same collection

The library subscribes to over 50 book databases. You can see more Oxford dictionaries and encyclopaedias in the book database: Oxford Reference

Try it for yourself

Go to Library Search and type in a subject that interests you, then click on the link for the resource type 'ebooks' on the left hand side, to see what books are available online.

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