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Research support for academics and librarians (the Leicester experience)

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29 June 2012


Ian Rowlands, University Bibliometrician and Research Services Manager, University of Leicester

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Many academic libraries are re-thinking their offer to staff and research students.  Leicester has created a new research services team that aims to sharpen the library's focus on research support.  The new structure brings together specialist bibliometric services, the management and operation of Leicester's institutional repository (with an expanded remit for research data), and the graduate media zoo.  The latter being a source of expertise in social media and collaborative working tools.  What might appear to be a rag bag collection of functions is in fact given coherence by a broader narrative. 

A broad and possibly unfair generalisation is that many academics still operate in `Publish and Abandon' mode: once their paper has been accepted, that's it, move on to the next one.  The evidence base that is accumulating around the role of repositories, open access in general, data curation and social media in terms of promoting broader readership and ultimately more citations is becoming difficult to ignore.  Leicester believes a new paradigm is needed: `Publish and Nurture', with library and corporate communication services providing `after-sales' advice and services to help busy academics realise the fullest potential for their outputs.


Everyone is welcome to attend but places are limited so please indicate your interest as soon as possible to ensure your place. Please contact Nicola Dowson for bookings. Please assume that you have a place unless we contact you to say otherwise.

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