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Do you want to avoid an encounter with a shark this summer?

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With a few shark sightings making the news in recent weeks, are you wondering how to avoid a close encounter?

If you are, it’s best to avoid swimming off the coasts of Florida or California where you could encounter a White, Bull or Tiger shark.

But just how common are shark attacks on humans? Before 1916 shark attacks weren’t documented - but everything changed in July that year when stories were recorded of four people along New Jersey shores who were killed in temperate waters by a shark.

They often play villainous roles in Hollywood films (who remembers ‘Jaws’ or ‘Deep Blue Sea’?) but are they as dangerous to humans as they are made out to be?

Despite all the bad press, only about 75 unprovoked shark attacks on humans take place each year worldwide (that’s a relief!).

This enlightening guide book tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sharks including where they live, what they eat, how they behave and a fascinating chapter on the relationship between sharks and humans.

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