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Library website polls: what we are doing with all your feedback

Home News Library website polls: what we are doing with all your feedback

We really appreciate all your responses to our library website polls.  Your votes and comments give us additional feedback which feeds into wider pieces of research.  In other words, results from these polls are just one piece of the jigsaw; we need to put them together with lots of other pieces to see how they fit in with feedback from other sources before we make any changes.

This is what you told us in some recent polls and here's what we are doing as a result:

Library Social Media:
What information do you find most useful on the OU Library’s Facebook page?
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You said: You go to our Library Facebook page for lots of different content, e.g. advice and guidance (27%), online library training (26%), new resources (26%)
We did: We are continuing to offer a balance of content

Do you keep in touch with the OU Library via social media?
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You said: 77% responded you do not use social media to keep in touch with the OU Library.  From the open comments, 32% said you were not aware the OU Library had a social media presence. 
We did: We are making sure we communicate with you via lots of different channels such as the library website, StudentHome and emails as well as through social media.

Online library training:
If you haven’t ever attended an online library training session what is your main reason for this?
You said: the majority of you were unaware of the sessions 
We did: raised awareness of the online library training sessions more widely on the Library website and on Library FB and Twitter.  

How long do you think real-time online library training sessions should last?
You said:the majority of respondents voted for training sessions to last between 15 and 30 minutes which is shorter than what was being offered at the time.  
We did: We launched the new-look shorter 30 minute sessions in September following consultation with members of the Library Student Panel who also expressed a preference for shorter sessions.

Referencing review at the OU
Which best describes your feelings about referencing?
[[[image-2 large left]]]













You said: 31% of you said you either feel very or fairly confident about referencing but 39% said you feel sometimes or often unsure.
We did:  As part of an overall review of referencing at the OU we also ran an online survey to help us understand students’ perceptions and experiences of referencing.  Initial findings from the online survey carried out with the Library Student Panel also found that 39% think that referencing at the OU is difficult which is in line with the poll results.  We’ve also conducted telephone interviews with students and are in the middle of holding a series of “co-design” workshops where students and teachers work in partnership to come up with innovative solutions to the problem: ‘lots of students find referencing at the OU difficult’.
All of this data, will inform recommendations for the future of referencing at the OU.

You can also give us your comments and suggestions via the feedback form on the Library website.  We love hearing from you!