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Listening to you has helped transform our programme of online library training

We listened to your feedback about the Library's online library training sessions. We asked students from the Library Student Panel about their preferences in terms of time of day and day of the week, length of sessions and topics.  Then we re-designed the sessions according to your study needs.  And the result?

Record numbers of you are joining the new-look sessions  In the three weeks leading up to the start of October modules we ran 14 half an hour online training sessions in Adobe Connect and had 1,320 attendees in total. This is an increase of over 500% on the same period last year!

"The tutorial itself was excellent; Nicola ran it and I’ve done my feedback already; I thought she was very, very good… it just gave me a little bit of a flavour of what to look for on the website” 
David Tilley, Library Student Panel member
You asked for a session on referencing so we introduced The why and how of referencing into our programme.  You told us you wanted shorter  sessions so we listened and we've introduced new 30 minute topics. The sessions  provide an online alternative to face-to-face training while still allowing you live access to a librarian, and you don’t need to sign up in advance.
If you miss one you can always catch-up.  Recordings of the live sessions are also available underneath 'Join Room' on each topic.


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