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Looking for some Business, Accounting or Marketing resources?

Home News Looking for some Business, Accounting or Marketing resources?

[[[image-0 medium left]]]Are you a new student on a Business or Management course and feeling a little overwhelmed with the unfamiliar terminology?

The AMA Dictionary of Business and Management covers a huge range of business, management and finance terminology – providing you with clear, easy to understand definitions and explanations for every key term that you’ll encounter on your studies.

For example, do you have any BHAGs? Whilst this acronym may sound a bit ‘colourful’, it actually stands for “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” – and can be used to describe an ambitious long term goal or target.

[[[image-1 medium right]]]For our Accountancy Students – one key resource that you will use to find information to support your studies is ABI/Inform Complete. This is a comprehensive database containing the full text of journals, financial newspapers, papers, reports and dissertations from the beginning of the 20th centruy up until the current day.

Through this database, researchers can access accountancy journal articles, such as an exploratory study on the use of spreadsheets by management accountants, as well newspaper articles like this report from October 28 1929 in Barron’s financial magazine – which was published the day before the Wall Street Crash which triggered a worldwide Great Depression.

[[[image-2 medium left]]]We also have oodles of things for our Marketing students as well. For example, how does a 114 year-old brand use marketing campaigns on social media to reach a new generation of customers in a whole new way? In July 2017, the wax crayon manufacturer Crayola was near the end of its biggest ever social media campaign in the US – reaching more people than it had ever thought possible. But how?

“Advertising Age” is an industry trade journal for the Marketing and Advertising sector – covering current news, trends and stories such as the above “Goodbye Yellow Wax Crayon” campaign. OU Students can access the full text of issues dating back to 1986 – including an article recalling the landmark case in the 1960s where Campbell Soup was the subject of a complaint about the use of “propping” in its advertising, and the concept of “Corrective Advertising” was created in the ensuing legal case, dubbed the “tempest in a soup can”.

You can access the full journal from its 1986 publication via Nexis UK.