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Students develop new skills by taking part in the Library Student Panel

Home News Students develop new skills by taking part in the Library Student Panel

In November we invited some students on The Library Student Panel to tell us about their experience of being a member.  Among other things we wanted to find out if taking part in a research activity helped them build on or develop a new skill.  We asked them to tell us about:

  • their reasons for joining
  • a research activity they have taken part in
  • a new skill they may have developed
  • what advice they would give to a student thinking of joining the panel
  • suggestions for improving the panel experience for future members

[[[image-0 large left]]]


Here are some of the benefits of being a member of the Library Student Panel :

Develop new skills

Tracey, an H800 postgraduate student who has been on the panel for six months, said that giving feedback in an online environment made her think about the way she was communicating with a facilitator whom she couldn’t see and it gave her an insight into how to run an online focus group.   A level 1 student who has been on the panel for almost a year said that taking part in an online focus group introduced him to a new way of expressing his opinions.

Learn new things about the Library

One student learned to make Library Search his default starting place, and another said it made him realise how the library website had changed and he now has a much better understanding of where resources are located.

Feel empowered to make a difference

Students we interviewed said they were driven to join the panel to effect changes to library services and it makes them feel empowered to make a difference.  It also gives them a sense of community, keeps them in touch with the Library and helps them stay cutting edge.

Changes we are making as a result of your feedback

We realise you don't always notice the Panel quarterly updates.  We are now using a more visual tool to communicate our findings with the panel which includes images and videos.

You said that you are not always aware of the changes we have made.  As a result of your feedback, we are now including 'before' and 'after' screenshots to show the changes we have made. [[[image-1 medium left]]] [[[image-2 medium right]]]


The block on the left is how the helpdesk looked before we made the changes.  The block on the right is how the helpdesk details appear now.



We added a picture and changed the layout so that the contact details are now clearer and easier for you to use.  The helpdesk block now appears on every page of the library website.

We are also updating the Library Student Panel web page more frequently which now includes a 'last updated date' at the bottom of the page.

If you get invited to join the Library Student Panel, then do join us, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a new skill, influence the developments of library services, get to try out some new tools and learn something new about the Library along the way.  Who knows what other hidden benefits there might be for your studies, work or everyday life?

 “The advantage of being on the panel is that it introduced us to the Facebook groups and I keep an eye on that”                                                                                      (Library student panel member)

If you have any questions about the Library Student Panel or you want to know more, email