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Important information about OpenTree the library game

Owing to the withdrawal of support from the supplier for OpenTree, Library Services have made the decision to withdraw OpenTree from service. The OpenTree website has now closed.

For more information about the closedown of OpenTree please read on.

Information about the closedown of OpenTree

Why has OpenTree closed?

The developers and suppliers of OpenTree have decided not to continue to provide support for the software. It would be a risk for the Open University to continue to run the system without their support so the decision has been made to withdraw OpenTree from service.

How do I get a record of my participation in OpenTree?

OpenTree has now closed and it is no longer possible to retrieve this information

How do I get a list of all the resources?

The lists of resources that you have accessed are drawn from other systems.  If you would like to get a list of the library resources that you have accessed contact with your request, include your Open University Computer Username (OUCU).

Alternatively the experimental tool ‘My Recent Resources’ may show a list of the resources you’ve accessed. My Recent Resources can be accessed from the 'Beta tools' page.

What happens to the OpenTree system and data?

The OpenTree database has been shut down and all personal data is being deleted.

The lists of resources that you have accessed are drawn from other library systems so we can extract them and send them to you. Please contact to request a list of resources.

I really liked some of the features of OpenTree, will they be reintroduced?

There were some nice features of OpenTree, the challenges for example, and we will look at how we can incorporate these sorts of features into some of our mainstream services in the future.

How do I get more information about this?

For more information please contact –

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