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The Open CETL

The Open University's Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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About Open CETL

The Open CETL

The Open CETL was a collaboration between four of the Open University's Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. It was not a formal organisation but a way of describing how we are working together to inspire each other, to achieve greater impact and to increase efficiency.

The contact and collaboration was aided by sharing the same Open CETL suite of offices, meeting rooms, and video conferencing suites and is visible in joint activities, events and publications.

Each of the constituent centres has its own aims and objectives but they also have shared interests and activities. Please explore our website to find out more about the Open CETL and our work.

The CETL initiative

The Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning were created in 2005 by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

All higher education institutions were able to submit bids for funding to set up centres which recognised existing excellent teaching practice and invested further in developing this excellent practice in order to deliver substantial benefits to students, teachers and institutions.

HEFCE funded 55 single institution centres, and 19 collaborative centres where institutions are working in partnership. Each centre has been funded for five years (2005-2010).

The OU had three single-institution Centres, these were:

The Open University also led the collaborative centre, the Physics Innovations Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (piCETL). The partners in the CETL were Reading University and Leicester University.

Further information about the HEFCE CETL initiative is available from