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The Open CETL

The Open University's Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

  1. The Open CETL
  2. Personalised Integrated Learning Support

Personalised Integrated Learning Support

This website is an archive of the PILS CETL work between 2005-2010. The PILS CETL started work in May 2005, developing and tailoring learner support within the curriculum.

The PILS CETL was:

  • Based at the Open University
  • Led by the Teaching and Learner Support section of Student Services
  • A Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)
  • Funded for 5 years by HEFCE to July 2010


The PILS CETL was part of the Open CETL, a collaboration of the four centres based at the Open University. It was not a formal organisation but a way of describing how we worked together to inspire each other, to achieve greater impact and increase efficiency.