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Knight (2007) Fostering and assessing wicked competencies

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Peter Knight

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Empirical and other enquiries indicate that the assessment of 'wicked' competences is problematic. This is unfortunate since 'wicked' competences include 'soft skills' and other performances, skills and dispositions that are highly valued by employers.

Evidence collected in this study that there are, in fact, few reported problems in the assessment of 'wicked' competences may indicate that there is a problem of 'false conciousness', with practitioners simply not seeing how limited their assessment plans are. If that is the case, then not only is there a problem of improving assessment, there is a problem of raising awareness of the problem itself. This also raises the issue of how best to foster the formation of 'wicked' competences in higher education.


Fostering and assessing wicked competencies  Fostering and assessing wicked competencies

Date added

30th Mar 2007

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A study of the assessment of 'wicked' competences