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PIVOT Stage 2: Professional and personal values in practice

Resource author

Barry Cooper and Maggie Pickering (OU)

Resource type

Workshop activity


This activity was developed by the PIVOT project.

This activity encourages deeper reflection upon your professional and personal values in your practice. It encourages you to capture what is really important to you now, and to think about aspects of practice to which you aspire. It may bring out ideas and values that you weren’t aware of holding dear to you – a sort of ‘I didn’t know I knew it’ experience

This activity can be viewed in action. See the video clip ‘PIVOT Stage 2’ in the related resources section of the PIVOT project website. This second stage of PIVOT is not a stand-alone activity. Stage 1, Personal Constructs of Practice, and completing the grid needs to be done first.
For more information about the project, other activities and videos see the PIVOT project web pages.


PIVOT Stage 2: Professional and Personal Values in Practice

Date added

20th Nov 2009