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PIVOT Stage 3: Generating learning aims for practice

Resource author

Barry Cooper and Maggie Pickering (OU)

Resource type

Workshop activity


This activity was developed by the PIVOT project.

This activity enables you to generate your own learning aims to work with in your practice setting. These aims will be based on the constructs that you previously identified in the earlier stages of PIVOT. Therefore they will be unique and (most) meaningful only to you. The intention of this activity is to make the constructs more concrete in terms of your own development. You will be prioritising and scaling up to three constructs to develop personal goals and learning objectives and you will be identifying significant steps in reaching these.

This activity can be viewed in action. See the video clip ‘PIVOT Stage 3’ in the related resources section of the PIVOT project website.
For more information about the project, other activities and videos see the PIVOT project web pages.


PIVOT Stage 3: Generating learning aims for practice

Date added

20th Nov 2009