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  4. Strivens, J. (2006) Efficient assessment of portfolios

Strivens, J. (2006) Efficient assessment of portfolios

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Janet Strivens

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The tradition, in some professions, of juding performance partly on the basis or portfolios, has spread. The possiblity of creating e-portfolios is adding zest to this interest. However, the educational appeal of portfolios and consideration of different platforms for e-portfolios, have eclipsed consideration of assessment costs.
Portfolios are know to be hard to assess with any degree of reliability and expensive to assess. Attempts to increase realiability multiply costs.
In this study, the UK Centre for Recording Achievement enquired of its networks to identify five or six cases that met the 'large student cohort' criterion, or which were reputed to be especially efficient and investigated their practices. Their enquiries were designed to describe the devices used to achieve efficiences, in the process exploring trade-offs between efficiency and effectiveness.
The Centre has produced the following report outlining the cases and making suggestions for advice that might be given to colleagues contemplating the introduction of portfolios, whether in electronic or paper format with the aim of helping the Practice-based Professional Learning CETL provide guidance on their efficient assessment.


Strivens, J. (2006) Efficient assessment of portfolios

Date added

30th Mar 2007