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The 4th Open CETL Conference Proceedings "The CETLs: Celebrating Teaching and Learning" 15-16 Dec 2009.

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Book of abstracts and posters presented at The Open CETL Conference on the 15-16 December 2010 which was held at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

Welcome to the 4th and final Open CETL Conference. We invite you to learn about and celebrate the work of the CETLs and be involved in discussions about building on our work over the next decade.

The Open CETL is a collaboration of the four OU led Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Over the past four years approximately 3000 colleagues from across the University have been involved in the work of the CETLs. They have addressed a broad range of issues, such as:

• Assessment for learning
• Challenges in technology enabled learning
• Practitioner development
• Integrating teaching, learning and support
• Assessing practice-based learning
• Building subject communities

As you probably know, funding for the CETLs comes to an end during 2010. A key aim of this conference is therefore, to ensure that delegates have the opportunity to contribute to thinking about and planning how the OU can take forward and build on our work. How do we continue to; influence OU strategy, improve the practice of teaching, help staff to develop professionally, and so on?

None of the CETL successes would have been possible without the hard work and engagement of our colleagues and thanks go to all those who have been involved. You will have the opportunity to listen to presentations from many of these colleagues over the next two days, but you will also find much of interest on the CETL websites ( We encourage you to look at the wealth of resources and materials which can be found here.

Feedback from those who have been involved in CETL activity suggests that many of you have appreciated your engagement with the CETLs. The dedicated space, real and virtual, has provided a place around which to develop a community of people who are prepared to invest time in the scholarship of teaching and learning. The CETL community has raised the profile of teaching and learning as an area of scholarship and research. It has supported cross faculty work, developed ‘local’ ‘grass roots’ agendas, supported greater involvement of ALs and provided space for colleagues to reflect on and develop their practice.

Previous Open CETL conferences have been attended by over 500 colleagues from across the university. This year, people have been keen, once again, to participate and this is reflected in the programme. The Conference offers a wide choice of sessions including presentations, workshops and poster presentations – all of which are designed to encourage active engagement and stimulating debate. We are delighted to welcome Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Edinburgh as our keynote speaker. Many of you will be aware of his long standing connections with the OU.

We hope that you will find this 4th and final Open CETL conference informative, stimulating and enjoyable. We hope too that, by the end, you will be inspired to participate in taking the work of the CETLs forward into the next decade.


The Open CETL Conference Proceedings "The CETLs: Celebrating Teaching and Learning" 15-16 Dec 2009

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25th Feb 2010