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Biographical Database of the
British Chemical Community, 1880-1970




Drawing on a project entitled 'Studies of the British Chemical Community: the Principal Institutions, 1881-1972', by Dr. Gerrylynn K Roberts and Dr. Robin Mackie, Department of History, Faculty of Arts, The Open University, UK, this website contains biographical data on some 4950 chemists.


We regret that there is a problem with access to the database at the moment. A solution is being sought.

©All rights, including copyright in the database and content of this website are owned or controlled by The Open University (Department of History of Science, Technology and Medicine, Studies of the British Chemical Community Project), 2000; 2nd ed, 2006. When citing the database, please acknowledge Robin Mackie and Gerrylynn Roberts as authors.

Updated: 4 September 2009