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Events & Trips

The OU Club offers a wide range of social trips and events both on and off campus.

Over the years we’ve had everything from trips Stately Homes to Cadburys World, Ascot, Alton Towers, barbeques to weekends in New York.  The OU Club has an Entertainments Chair and a sub-committee of the OU Club main committee to organising when and where we go, in addition to suggestions from club members. We’ve tried to give you a range of events – For the last 4 years we sent out a doodle poll to get feedback on the sort of events you wanted to see and the events are currently being planned with this in mind.

Our doodle poll for 2016/17 is available HERE

However, we ALWAYS want ideas from you, so if you have an idea for a trip, perhaps you are a member of an affiliated club that wants to run a trip and happy to open it up other members of staff,  the Theatre Group Bookers Club, RocSoc and the Gardening Club have run jointly-organised but OU Club funded trips. Please bear in mind however it takes usually about 2 months to plan and organise a trip, so we can’t go to something next week!  

We do try not to run the same trip each year giving us some variety although saying that we went to Good Food show this year again! 

Due to cuts in the OU Club budget we do not have a budget allocated to subsidise these social events in 2016/17, however the good news is trips will be one price for staff and non staff.  We will making most of group rates given to us by our external suppliers.

Please get in contact via our address.