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...if you want to give something back, support other students, arrange local events or represent your fellow students.

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What the role involves

We require a number of students every year to volunteer as either a Degree Ceremony Volunteer or a Degree Ceremony Co-ordinator at OU degree ceremonies across Europe.

Degree Ceremony Volunteer

By becoming a Degree Ceremony Volunteer you'll play an important role, providing a service that is greatly valued by students and the University alike. You'll work as part of a small team (led by a Ceremony Co-ordinator) on the Students Association merchandise stall promoting and selling OU branded merchandise to graduates and their families.

Degree Ceremony Co-ordinator

The role of a Degree Ceremony Co-ordinator is an important one and each year OUSA’s national and regional assemblies are responsible for choosing an individual student who is able to carry out this role in their area.

The responsibilities of this role include:

  • notifying the Association office 6-8 weeks before the ceremony of the volunteers who will be helping on the day (in liaison with your regional or national assembly)
  • ensuring that you communicate with your team members before the ceremony, making sure that they are kept fully informed and briefed regarding what is expected of them on the day
  • ensuring that your team is sufficiently trained, encouraging them to visit the online training package so that they are fully prepared
  • being the main point of contact for both your OU ceremony organiser and the Association office

How to apply

Contact the Association Office at:

Take a look at the OU Degree Ceremonies page.

Please note: In the first instance we will forward your communication onto the relevant regional or national assembly.

What the role involves

If you’ve looked at our meet-ups page and found there isn’t a meet-up running near you, why not become a meet-up host and set up your own event? 

We can help you promote a new event for students in your area through social media and on our website.

How do I apply?

If you decide to run a meet-up event let us know and we'll send you a Support Pack for new organisers. For further support or to ask any questions email

In the meantime, check out these meet-up tips from veteran student organisers!

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