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Support for OU students

Are you feeling lonely or down about your studies? 

Well, there is a small group of experienced students and alumni who might be able to help you - the OU Students Association's Peer Support team, who have been helping students since the year 2000.

Peer Support is entirely confidential, so you have the assurance that anything you discuss with them about any personal or study issues will be in complete confidence.

The team might be able to help you with an immediate personal or study issue, or ongoing one-to-one study support. Some of our supporters have supported students for the whole of their academic study with the OU, some for just a year, and others for just a quick helping hand.

Please note, however, that for academic, financial and other material problems and advice, your first port of call should always be your tutor or Student Support Team (SST). Find their contact details under Your OU contacts in the Help Centre.

If you think that Peer Support might be just what you need, then they are here in the request peer support forum and looking forward to hearing from you!

Talk it over with Nightline

"’re studying hard, you might be working full or part-time, have caring responsibilities and coping with all the other stuff that life deals you."

If you need someone to talk to, who’ll listen to your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental way, OU students can call Nightline, a confidential listening and information service run by students for students. Nightline’s trained student volunteers are available from 6pm to 8am each night and they’re waiting to hear from you. No problem is too big or small and they’re there to listen as long as you need. You can phone, email, chat or skype.

Don’t underestimate how much a chat might help. 

Join the Disabled Students Group

Are you one of the over 22,000 O U students with a Specific Learning Difficulty or a short or long term health condition? 

Photo of Cherry, Chair of the Disabled Students Group

If the answer to this question is ‘Yes’, then please read on.

As any current or past OU student will tell you, anyone can find themselves struggling at some stage. The cause may be long or short-term health issues or anything unexpected in your normal daily life.

Don’t worry. There’s loads of help and advice within the Open University to get you over those obstacles.  Simply asking a question on the many discussion forums might find another student suggesting where help can be accessed.  Also, as a first stop, your Student Support Team (S S T) can be contacted via the link on your Student Home Page. 

There’s also the O U Students Association Disabled Students’ Group or D S G.

The D S G is at the heart of the Students Association and is regarded as a centre of excellence in its daily work of ‘Students Supporting Students’: which also happens to be the D S G’s unofficial motto. 

Through its connection to the OU Students Association Central Executive Committee via Vice President Student Support, the Group can and does lend its support and expertise to any student who needs it. 

As you can see from the above, the D S G is one element of many available to you within the OU and the Students Association so why not join us for even more support during your studies. 

Here’s the link to our website where you’ll find loads of useful info and details on how to join us.  It’s free!



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