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Welcome Week

Starting your studies with the OU for the first time can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience, but not to fear, ‘Welcome Week’ is here to help you settle in.

No doubt you’ll have plenty of questions about setting out on your studies. The great news is you’ve just joined a hugely supportive community and Freshers gives you an opportunity to pose questions to those in the know on whatever topic you like. 

It’s also a great chance to...

  • make study contacts
  • find out what support is available when times get tricky
  • and how you can share your interests with like-minded students.

​We’ll be running Facebook chats on a variety of topics throughout the week (23rd - 30th January 2017) including what the OU Students Association does and how you can get involved.

See the FAQS below for further details.

Don't forget you can also chat along whenever it suits you on the Welcome Forum, which is open all year round!


Welcome Week Schedule January 2017

Introduction to love/break-up letters: the OU Library

Facebook Live 12:00-12:15pm In this 10 minute live video at an OU Librarian will introduce the concept of love letters and break-up letters as a way to gather valuable feedback. You will be invited to send in your feedback about the OU Library via this fun method. Get in touch:

The Disabled Student Voice: the Disabled Students Group:

This will be your chance to learn more about the new Learning Experience Reporters (LER) role. As well as Discussions on "Do Disabled Students feel there voice is being heard by the OU?" and "How can the OU help Disabled Students communicate their opinions?"

Facebook Careers Chat: Your Student Voice Matters 1 – 2pm

Your opinion counts! Give us your thoughts, views and suggestions on our services. During this Facebook chat session, you are invited to come along for an informal conversation about different aspects of Careers and Employability Services, and in particular our website. We’d like to ask you some questions, but it’s also a chance for open discussion too – what should we do more of? What could be made better? What are we missing? – come and talk to us, we’d love to hear from you!

Online Student Consultation

The student consultative structure is one of the ways in which the University listens to the student voice. An annual online meeting seeks the views of international students on matters affecting their studies.

Library 'You said we did' animation

This animation will highlight the many ways that the OU Library have listened to your feedback and acted on it. This animation will be promoted during the week on the OU Library’s Facebook and Twitter.

Find out more by emailing:


Meet OU Students in Your Area: Join Vice President Community, Steph, and other reps from the Students Association (7–8pm) in this live online chat on meeting students locally.

It’ll be a chance to find out how you can check if there's a meet-up near you, and if not, how to set up one in your area. You never know, you might meet some amazing study buddies!

Don’t you just love that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you have been able to help someone out? It feels good! It feels even better if you can get that feeling at the same time as doing something for yourself!

Chat to your Deputy President Nicci Simpson and find out how you can “Get Involved” in volunteering and gaining new skills with your Students Association at this online chat (7-8pm).

The Disabled Students Group (DSG) is holding an online event on Facebook to provide information, tips, help and a platform for students who may have challenges to ask questions.

There will a D S G Café discussion on an online forum 9am-11pm.

To join the chat you’ll need to register as a D S G member by completing your details here and sending the form to

There will also be a live chat all about the D S G on Facebook between 6-8pm which will be open to all. Simply click the “Join Group” button and we can add you. Once you’re a member you can start chatting away.

What is the Young Students Group? How can I take part? Jack Jevons from the Young Students Group will be holding a chat on Facebook for students wanting to find out more (7–8pm).



Welcome Week FAQs


What’s a Facebook chat?

  • Ever been invited to an event on Facebook? This is just the same, except the venue is the discussion wall of the event page. You can join the chat remotely, and if it’s your first time, we’ve put together a list of Tips for these online events to help you get the most out of them.
  • See an example of one of last year’s Facebook chats to give you a flavour: Welcome to the OU Student Community!


What is Periscope and how can I get involved? 

  • Periscope is a Social Media tool which allows you to film and stream live video. If you have a Twitter account you can use it to log in, alternatively you can log in with your phone number.


What is Student Hub Live?

  • Student Hub Live is an online broadcast run by The Open University. A few of your student representatives will be taking part and taking on topics including Group Tuition, Equal Opportunities for students and Student Consultation. Why not tune in and join the conversation.



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