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Volunteer to take on a role

What the role involves

We require a number of students every year to volunteer as either a Degree Ceremony Volunteer or a Degree Ceremony Co-ordinator at OU degree ceremonies across Europe.

Degree Ceremony Volunteer

By becoming a Degree Ceremony Volunteer you'll play an important role, providing a service that is greatly valued by students and the University alike. You'll work as part of a small team (led by a Ceremony Co-ordinator) on the OUSA merchandise stall promoting and selling OU branded merchandise to graduates and their families. 

Degree Ceremony Co-ordinator

The role of a Degree Ceremony Co-ordinator is an important one and each year OUSA’s national and regional assemblies are responsible for choosing an individual student who is able to carry out this role in their area.

The responsibilities of this role include:

  • notifying the OUSA office 6-8 weeks before the ceremony of the OUSA volunteers who will be helping on the day (in liaison with your regional or national assembly)
  • ensuring that you communicate with your team members before the ceremony, making sure that they are kept fully informed and briefed regarding what is expected of them on the day
  • ensuring that your team is sufficiently trained, encouraging them to visit the online training package so that they are fully prepared
  • being the main point of contact for both your OU ceremony organiser and the OUSA office

How do I apply?

Contact the OUSA Office at:

Take a look at the OU Degree Ceremonies page.  

Please note: In the first instance we will forward your communication onto the relevant regional or national assembly.

What the role involves

The Disabled Students Group is run by, and consists of, a group of students either with disabilities or with other long-term physical or mental health problems.

There are four elected Committee Member Officers. These include the Chair, Secretary, Communications Officer and Webmaster as well as six general members.   

How can I apply?

The DSG encourage any member who feels they have something to contribute to the group to stand to become a Committee Member.

To stand you need to be a member of the DSG and be nominated by 1 other DSG member.

For more information visit the DSG's website

What the role involves

You’ll be the eyes and ears of the Association, chatting in online forums, on social media, at tutorials, and everywhere students are.  You’ll be responsible for picking up on academic and study related issues, feeding these back into formal communication channels.  Most of the role is online, so even if you only have a little bit of time to give there is a place for you and we would love to hear from you! 

How do I apply?

We are looking for new voices and new insights, so please get in touch.  You can apply to be a Learning Experience Reporter here, and find out more here.  

What the role involves

If you’ve looked at our meet-ups page and found there isn’t a meet-up running near you, why not become a meet-up host and set up your own event? 

We can help you promote a new event for students in your area through social media and on our website.

If you decide to run a meet-up event let us know and we'll send you a Support Pack for new organisers. For further support or to ask any questions email

In the meantime, check out these meet-up tips from veteran student organisers!

What the role involves

Collectively the CEC is the top representative body for the whole Association, making, and largely carrying out, all the central decisions about our priorities and representation for students.

Specific roles include: President, Deputy President, 6 Vice Presidents, Student Member of University Council and 11 Student Association Representatives for Regions and Nations.

Find out more about the current holders of these roles here.

How do I apply?

Elections for these positions take place every 2 years at Conference.  

What the role involves

We are not currently recruiting for moderators as we are reviewing this service. However, with such a busy online community we will certainly need your help in the future! If you are interested please complete this very quick expression of interest form, which our Volunteer team can review when we begin recruiting again.

What the role involves


The Peer Support Online service operates via an online forum. Peer Supporter volunteers are always needed to continue this vital service for students.

As a Peer Supporter volunteer you'll be tasked with responding to students' queries and problems, providing one-to-one encouragement. You'll also need to provide answers to questions, or put students in touch with others who might be able to help.

This role is suitable for a student who has studied with the OU long enough to feel that they can offer a wealth of experience to others who might be new to the OU or experiencing challenges with their study.

How do I apply?


Find out more by visiting the Peer Support Online Service.

What the role involves

We recruit a number of volunteer representatives who play an important role at Residential Schools across the UK throughout the whole of the summer period.

Your main aim as a Residential Representative, or 'Resi Rep' as they are fondly known, is to help make the student experience of residential schools as enjoyable, informative and as stress free as possible.

You'll be responsible for:

  • meeting and greeting the students when they arrive 
  • organising social events
  • providing local information
  • generally being there to help

All newly appointed Resi Reps undergo a days training and will receive the full support of the Students Association.

How do I apply?

To apply, you will need to be a full member of OUSA and will be required to supply the names and contact details of two referees to support your application.

Email: or download an application form below:

What the role involves

Our student charity, the Open University Students Educational Trust (OUSET), supports students in financial need. Volunteers are needed to help raise vital funds to continue the charity's fantastic work.

As a Student Charity Fundraiser you'll be tasked with using your ingenuity and expertise to come up with interesting ways of raising money on behalf of OUSET.

The Association's Vice President Student Support leads the Central Executive Committee's efforts on fundraising and is always happy to hear from those wanting to get involved.

How do I apply?

Get involved by contacting your regional or national assembly, or by emailing the OUSA Office on

What the role involves

For an idea of past shows please have a listen here.

Our hosts should be passionate and enthusiastic storytellers, able to share information in an interesting way. They're confident communicators who love meeting and chatting with new people to learn more about them and are looking for an opportunity to develop their skills.

We're not currently looking for hosts, but if you'd like to get involved with the radio show in other ways, please email


What the role involves

Our Trustees are the students who take all the full legal and financial responsibilities for the Association. They act as the employers of the staff team, and are there to make sure that everything OUSA does complies with its Constitution, the Charities Act, the Employment Act, all other legislative and regulatory requirements and all the requirements of the University with regard to finance, etc.

How do I apply?

Elections take place every two years at Conference. Nominations for vacant roles are requested at set points during the election calendar.

What the role involves

If you’re a budding writer, or just have a story to share, we’d love you to volunteer your time and submit an article to the OU Students Magazine.

How do I apply?

Your contributions should be sent to the Students Association Office at

10 reasons to get involved

Join in the discussions on our Forums, Facebook and Twitter.

Influence how the University is run and get the student voice heard.

Get involved in societies and events.

Join in with the many volunteering opportunities.

An opportunity to debate the issues most important to you, hear inspirational speakers and socialise with other students.

Talk to a peer supporter or share advice with other students.

Help support other students to study or access help for yourself.

Save money on lots of products through the NUS Extra card.