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Peer Support

One of the greatest advantages of study with the OU - the ability to pace your studies and fit them in with ordinary life - is also one of its biggest disadvantages; because, for the most part, you study alone. That loneliness of study was one of the reasons for the introduction of Peer Support; the idea that there could always be someone there to give a wise word, a helping hand or just some friendly chat when you were feeling alone and negative about your studies.

Peer Support is entirely confidential and we know each other only by our Peer Support names. You have the assurance that anything you discuss with a supporter is confidential.  However, on very rare occasions, a supporter might also need to consult other members of the team or the Peer Support Administrator involved in managing the scheme.

All of us here at Peer Support have lots of experience of the ups and downs of studying, and we know that it can sometimes feel like a struggle.  We can't advise you on your academic study, but we do understand how it feels.

We are here to offer you one-to-one support, either for immediate problems affecting your studies, or ongoing support while you study. Some of our supporters have helped students for the whole of their academic study with the OU, some for just a year, some for just a quick helping hand.

Please note, however, that for academic, financial and other material problems and advice, your first port of call should always be to your OU tutor or OU Student Support Team (SST).  Peer Support should be seen as complementing the University’s support systems and in no way as replacing them.

Whether you are a new or an established student, if you recognise any of the above, or are simply feeling down, lost or just lonely in your studies, we are here to offer you support if and when you feel you need it.

If you feel you would like to request Peer Support you can contact us through the Request Peer Support forum here or send us an email at


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Influence how the University is run and get the student voice heard.

Get involved in societies and events.

Join in with the many volunteering opportunities.

An opportunity to debate the issues most important to you, hear inspirational speakers and socialise with other students.

Talk to a peer supporter or share advice with other students.

Help support other students to study or access help for yourself.

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