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Freshers Highlights

If you are #new2OU, check out these highlights from our Freshers programme!

STUDIO - the new name for our radio show

Under the new name of STUDIO, our radio show kicked off Freshers, with a great introduction to the Students Association.


Finding out about the library

In this live video (filmed on on Tuesday, 31 January), Vice President Community Stephanie Stubbins finds out more about the Open University Library. She is joined by Learning and Teaching Librarian Linda Durham. She talks about the vast online resources collection which helps students with their studies. Linda tells students how to join the SCONUL Access scheme which gives students access to other libraries at participating universities. She covers the latest training and events and explains the Being Digital online skills resource. Finally Linda gives details of round-the-clock support and specialist help for research students.


Meeting a postgraduate student

In this video, Stephanie meets postgraduate student Tracie Farrell from the Knowledge Media Institute. Tracie talks about postgraduate study how it differs from undergraduate study. She talks about the busy life of a research student and about some of the areas she covers - which is how students regulate and improve their own learning. Tracie works on the campus in Milton Keynes, like many other postgraduate students in other universities. Her work includes, reading, writing up research, running focus groups, managing projects and attending meetings within her faculty. Those interested in postgraduate study can visit the University's website for more information.




Stephanie is joined by Graham Rimmer, chair of PLEXUS, the Students Association's LGBT+ group. Graham talks about the tiered membership system which means PLEXUS is open to all students, whether or not they define themselves as LGBT+. He explains the origins of the Group and its name. Allies of the LGBT+ community can join the Group as 'Friends of PLEXUS'. Staff and Alumni can also join, although voting rights vary depending on membership type. Graham talks about the Group's forums, facebook page and newsletter - Solar. He tells Stephanie about events that take place around the country and online and his plans and campaigns for the upcoming months to support students.

10 reasons to get involved

Join in the discussions on our Forums, Facebook and Twitter.

Influence how the University is run and get the student voice heard.

Get involved in societies and events.

Join in with the many volunteering opportunities.

An opportunity to debate the issues most important to you, hear inspirational speakers and socialise with other students.

Talk to a peer supporter or share advice with other students.

Help support other students to study or access help for yourself.

Save money on lots of products through the NUS Extra card.