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Student Voice Week Blog - Caroline Poppenga

Welcome to Student Voice Week which - you guessed it - is all about listening to what students have to say.

As Vice President Representation a large part of my remit relates to exactly that. Recently a survey went out to students to hear their views on how processes for the 2018 elections could be improved. As a great believer in democracy I am particularly excited to be heading up our elections review working group and hope you will all vote in 2018. Recently we launched the Learning Experience Reporter (LER) role which is ideal for students who would like to volunteer but don't have much time to spare. They have gathered grassroots evidence on issues such as tuition, module material and accessibility which myself and the Faculty Association Representatives (FARs) have been able to feed back to the right channels to ensure that the OU receives this feedback and that the student voice is heard.

I became involved with the Students Association in 2016 and it has been a great experience. I have met so many lovely people and feel part of a great team that can make a difference to the way students are represented. The student community aspect is fantastic and to have people to turn to when that TMA is due and stress levels are high or to give support to others in a similar situation really enhances the learning experience.

If you are thinking of become involved, please do! Being a volunteer with the Students Association is so rewarding and there are roles to suit everyone - some exclusively online if you don't have much time to spare or are unable to travel. You can head to the Student Association website to find out more about roles currently available and there are of course the 2018 elections if you have more time to spare and are thinking about being part of the Central Executive Committee...

All the best and don't forget to look out for some of our Student Voice Week activities!

Caroline Poppenga
Vice President Representation and Research 2016-18

Monday, March 13, 2017

10 reasons to get involved

Join in the discussions on our Forums, Facebook and Twitter.

Influence how the University is run and get the student voice heard.

Get involved in societies and events.

Join in with the many volunteering opportunities.

An opportunity to debate the issues most important to you, hear inspirational speakers and socialise with other students.

Talk to a peer supporter or share advice with other students.

Help support other students to study or access help for yourself.

Save money on lots of products through the NUS Extra card.