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Student Voice Week

Check out the highlights!

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What is Student Voice?

The student voice is the thoughts, views and opinions of students on an educational journey. Most schools, colleges and Higher Education institutions in the United Kingdom have Student Voice, where students are consulted on their learning experience or debate issues that are affecting students. At university there are commonly robust representative and student engagement structures - as well as student unions, guilds or associations working to make sure that students are being treated fairly and as equal partners in decision making processes. The student voice is an integral part of ensuring learners receive an outstanding educational experience and that students feel empowered to be active in either making curriculum or institution wide change.

How can I have my say?

The OU Students Association provides many different opportunities for students to be involved in student voice activity - whether that be by sharing feedback at the end of a module, by being a Student Representative on an OU Committee, or by attending a Student Consultation event.

When you respond to an email, a tweet, a Facebook post about your personal student experience, you’re telling us about your learning journey and using your student voice. The Students Association plays a key part in making sure that your student voice is heard and getting your feedback assures that we’re working on projects that truly matter to you. You elected leadership team represent your voice on a national level, making sure that the collective OU student voice is heard loud and clear.

Why are we celebrating?

Student Voice Week celebrated not only the achievements that have been made on behalf of OU students, but also highlighted new opportunities for you to tell us about what you want to see happen and change at the OU. There were many activities and events that students attended in person or online, where thoughts and views will be taken seriously.

What’s next?

Your Students Association works to get your voice heard throughout the academic year. You can continue to be involved on our forums, subscribing to our mailing list, keeping an eye on volunteering opportunities or even joining our team of Representatives.

We hope that you enjoyed the week and look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Caroline Poppenga - Vice President Representation and Research
Nicola Simpson - Deputy President
Mark Cameron - Central Representative

Keep an eye out for more blogs in the coming days.

Student Success Stories 

Studying via distance learning doesn't come without its challenges and we know that all of our students and alumni have inspirational stories. Stories of overcoming these challenges to succeed and keeping focused on the end goal no matter what. So, why not share your story with us during Student Voice week?

We use stories in a number of different ways: in our marketing materials, on our websites, in our prospectuses and other University publications, for example. By using real student examples we hope to inspire others thinking about OU study to consider how the OU may have a positive influence on their lives.

If you are interested in sharing your experience and inspiring others, please email with a short paragraph of your OU story.


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10 reasons to get involved

Join in the discussions on our Forums, Facebook and Twitter.

Influence how the University is run and get the student voice heard.

Get involved in societies and events.

Join in with the many volunteering opportunities.

An opportunity to debate the issues most important to you, hear inspirational speakers and socialise with other students.

Talk to a peer supporter or share advice with other students.

Help support other students to study or access help for yourself.

Save money on lots of products through the NUS Extra card.