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The Idea of Climate Change as a Belief System: Why Climate Activism Resembles a Religious Movement (2016-07-04)
Bhagwat, Shonil A.; Economou, Anastasia and Thornton, Thomas F.
GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society, 25(2) (pp. 94-98)

Interpreting EU Educational Policies: The Cases of the European Dimension in Education and the Socrates and Leonardo Programmes (2003)
Phillips, David; Dahl, Bettina; Economou, Anastasia and Ertl, Hubert
Phillips, David and Ertl, Hubert eds.
Cadernos Prestige: Final Series
ISBN : 972-8036-55-8 | Publisher : Educa | Published : Lisbon

A comparative study of the European dimension in education in England, Scotland and Wales (2003)
Economou, Anastasia
In: Phillips, D and Ertl, H eds. Implementing European Union education and training policy : a comparative study of issues in four member states (pp. 117-126)
ISBN : 1402012926 | Publisher : Kluwer Academic Publishers | Published : Dordrecht, Netherlands

Conducting research into EU education and training policy: some theoretical and methodological considerations (2001-04)
Phillips, Donna and Economou, Anastasia
In: Watson, Kevin ed. Doing comparative education research: issues and problems
ISBN : 1873927835 | Publisher : Symposium Books | Published : Wallingford, UK

The role and purpose of middle leaders in schools (2003-07)
Bennett, Nigel; Newton, Wendy; Wise, Christine; Woods, Philip A and Economou, Anastasia
National College for School Leadership