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Dr Julie Charlesworth

Profile summary

Professional biography

Julie is Staff Tutor in the School of Social Sciences and Global Studies. She was previously a Lecturer in Management in the Faculty of Business and Law. She has also worked at Essex, Leeds and Hertfordshire universities, as well as for the WEA, the National Trust and other heritage organisations. She has tutored for the Open University since 1991 in social sciences and management.



Research interests

Julie has an interdisciplinary approach to research but has long been passionate about film studies and history, particularly postwar British film and how change and conflict during that time period was reflected in film. She is also researching how historic houses and gardens are used in film - beyond the standard heritage/period drama film - and how the identity and sense of place of the properties are represented.

Teaching interests

Julie has contributed to numerous Open University modules in public policy, management, health and social care, social sciences and the voluntary sector. She also teaches film history and society for the WEA.


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