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David Pride

Profile summary

  • Research Student
  • PhD Research Student
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Knowledge Media Institute
  • david.pride


ACT: An Annotation Platform for Citation Typing at Scale (2019)
Pride, David; Harag, Jozef and Knoth, Petr
In : JCDL 2019 - ACM/IEEE JOINT CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL LIBRARIES 2019 (2-6 Jun 2019, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois)
Peer review and citation data in predicting university rankings, a large-scale analysis (2018-09-30)
Pride, David and Knoth, Petr
In : Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL) 2018 (10-13 Sep 2018, University of Porto, Portugal)
Incidental or influential? – A decade of using text-mining for citation function classification. (2017-10)
Pride, David and Knoth, Petr
In : 16th International Society of Scientometrics and Informetrics Conference (16-20 Oct 2017, Wuhan)
Incidental or Influential? - Challenges in Automatically Detecting Citation Importance Using Publication Full Texts (2017-09-02)
Pride, David and Knoth, Petr
In : 21st International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, TPDL 2017 (18-21 Sep 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece) (pp. 572-578)