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Dr Joseph Hanlon

Dr Joseph Hanlon

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Joseph Hanlon is both a journalist and a development researcher which he has combined in more than a dozen books on southern Africa and on aid and development. His next book is Bangladesh Confronts Climate Change: Keeping our Heads Above Water to be published in late 2016.  Zimbabwe Takes Back Its Land was published in 2013.  His 2010 book Just Give Money to the Poor on cash transfers (child benefit, non-contributory pension, etc) was on the Guardian 2011 list of "Development studies: Key first-year reads" and has been influential in changing the view the poor countries could not afford social protection. Joseph has been writing about Mozambique since 1978. He was a stringer for the Guardian and BBC there for five years, and is now the most cited social science academic on Mozambique. His website is His most recent Mozambique book is Chickens and beer: A recipe for agricultural growth in Mozambique (in Portuguese Galinhas e cerveja: uma receita para o crescimento). His previous book Do bicycles equal development in Mozambique? and the Portuguese edition Há mais bicicletas -  mas há desenvolvimento? was a best seller in Mozambique. He has been the editor of the Mozambique Political Process Bulletin since 1992. Joseph was also policy advisor of the Jubilee 2000 campaign to cancel the debt of the poorest countries by the year 2000 (which was partly successful) and was head of the Commonwealth Independent Expert Study on Sanctions Against South Africa in the late 1980s. Joseph Hanlon's PhD is in physics, and he is also a visiting senior fellow at the Department of International Development of the London School of Economics.

Joseph Hanlon is a recognised expert on Mozambique. His website is He is the editor of two newsletters, the Mozambique Political Process Bulletin and Mozambique News Reports and Clippings.