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Jo Jordan

Research interests

I work in new industries such as data science, robotics and nanotechnology and I am particularly interested in micro-foundations of strategy.

As a preliminary to a larger project on the perspectives of highly skilled people entering these industries, I am presently working with Professor Elizabeth Daniel and Professor Robin Wensley on a project with micro-entrepreneurs.  This project explores how often micro-entrepreneurs reconfigure their businesses and what prompts them to change the way they understand their business and what they do on a daily basis.

The project builds on previous work conducted by Professor Daniel within the Department of Strategy & Marketing in The Open University Business School.  In a series of studies on small businesses, Daniel et al., 2015 reported that relatively novice entrepreneurs described using decision-making styles associated with expert entrepreneurs (e.g., Sarasvathy, Simon & Lave, 1998).  The present work extends our knowledge by reconstructing the business time line over several years and responds to calls in the literature for more detailed descriptive work on the process of creating a business.

A work & occupational psychologist by profession, I have practised and taught at Universities in the United Kindgom, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. 

Recent conference paper

Advancing our understanding of entrepreneurship through process theory and pragmatism.  Paper presented at the 18th Congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychologists, Dublin, May 17-20 2017