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Dr Korina Giaxoglou

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Lecturer in DALEL
  • Faculty of Wellbeing, Education & Language Studies
  • School of Languages and Applied Linguistics
  • English Language and Applied Linguistics
  • korina.giaxoglou

Professional biography

I am Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and English Language with research expertise in discourse and narrative analysis. My research interests focus at the moment on practices and ideologies of sharing stories and affect, with a special focus on small stories of mourning online. I'm also interested in the narrative and political potential of linguistic landscapes. 

Before joining the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics at the Open University in January 2016, I held a lectureship/senior lectureship post at Kingston University London where I was Acting Head for the Department of Linguistics and Languages. I have also taught at Goldsmiths University and King's College London.

I hold a PhD in (Modern Greek) Sociolinguistics from King's College London, a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching from Kingston University, an MA in Applied Linguistics from Birkbeck University of London, and a First Degree in French Language and Literature from the University of Athens.

Research interests

My research interests lie at the intersections of linguistic anthropology, the sociolinguistics of narrative, and (mediated) discourse analysis with a special focus on the following areas: 

- oral poetics and small stories as critical perspectives on language in society 

- discourse circulation and practices of entextualisation

- emotion-in-interaction and affective positioning 

- social media communication and sharing 

- linguistic landscapes

I am currently writing a monograph on sharing small stories of mourning online (forthcoming, Routledge).

Research Groups

Co-convenor (with Nathalien Owen) of the interdisciplinary Health Discourse Research Group (part of the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics and the Open University Health & Wellbeing priority research area).

Member of CREET and Applied Linguistics and English Language Research Groups. 


ASSIST Scholarship Project (led by Kate Lister and Myria Pieridou): this participatory research project investigates disabled students' views about the disability terminology the Open University uses with students and how these compare to the type of language and terminology students use in informal study settings. The project's aim is to co-create with disabled students models of institutional language and communication better suited to their own sense of self.  

Creativity and Politics in the Linguistic Landscape (with Philip Seargeant and Frank Monaghan): this project explores the linguistic landscape in relation to creativity in political expression and grassroots activism. 

Teaching interests

I am currently co-chairing the module Exploring Languages and Cultures (L161), an introductory module which looks at the relationship between language and culture, the process of learning a language, and the challenges and benefits of communicating with people from different cultures.

I am also a member of the production team for the new module Introducing English Language Studies (L101).

In the past I have been involved in the module presentation teams for 'Worlds of English' (U214), 'Children's Literature' (EA300) and  'Investigating Language in Action' (E854) and chaired the first presentation of the postgraduate module 'Applied Linguistics and English Language' (EE817).


Impact and engagement

Invited talks

Panel on Online Memorial Practices. Dialogues of the Dead: Life Writing and Death. King's College London. 24 May 2018.

Panel on Digital Grief (with Jo Bell and Debra Bassett), Edinburgh International Science Festival4 April 2018.  

Sharing life and death online as small stories of the moment. Postgraduate Workshop on Digital Practices, Platforms, Affordances and Ideologies. University of Lausanne, 14 December 2017.

(with Alexandra Georgakopoulou) Memes, tweets and other small stories: on the social-mediatization of the Greek economy, University of Oxford, Department of Modern Greek Studies, May 2017.

 #JeSuisCharlie?: hashtags as narrative resources in contexts of ecstatic sharing, Postgraduate Workshop on Digital Literacies in Digital Communication, University of Lausanne, 14 December 2016.

Lament as narrative and as social critique. Workshop on Music and Language in Greece in times of crisis. Sounds of the Hellenic World: Ancient and Modern. Hosted by the Department of Classics, the Centre for Hellenic Studies and the Department of Music, with the collaboration of the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, and the Athens Conservatoire. King’s College London, 4-5 July 2016.

Roundtable discussion on digital surveillance. LDC Research Seminar: (Un)doing digital surveillance: Discourses & practices. King’s College London, May 2016

#JeSuisCharlie: hashtag mourning as ecstatic story-making. Applied Linguistics Circle Research Seminar, University of Reading, May 2016.

Conference presentations (select) 

Vlogging on dying as small stories: the potential and limits of online storying and participation. BAAL Language and New Media Seminar: A force for good? Digital media, positive social change and transformative practice. University of Nottingham, 2nd May 2019. 

(with Tereza Spilioti) I’m an Aθenian too’: trans-scripting practices in the urban landscape of Athens. TLANG Conference: Communication in the Multilingual City, Birmingham, 28th-29th March 2018.

(with Tereza Spilioti) Mediatizing death and suffering: narrative stancetaking in the rescripting of the refugee crisis. International Pragmatics Association Conference (Special Theme: Pragmatics in the Real World), Belfast, July 2017.

Sharing life and death as small stories: curating last(ing) moments online. IABA Europe 2017 - Life Writing, Europe and New Media, King's College London, June 7-9 2017.

"Dying to live”: storying the everyday experience of illness and dying on b(v)logs, BAAL SIG Health and Science Communication, “Experiences of illness and death: learning from the discourses of realities and fictions”, The Open University, Milton Keynes, 28 November 2016.

Sharing leaks on Twitter as breaking news stories: the case of the “Moscovici draft” leak. Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders, Hellenic American University Athens, 23-25 September 2016.

(with Alexandra Georgakopoulou) Digital biographing in the mediatization of the economy: the case of Yanis Varoufakis Presented as part of panel on ‘Mediatizing the economy: shifting registers, styles and contexts’ organised by Cedric Deschrijver and Alexandra Geograkopoulou at the Sociolinguistics Symposium 21,  University of Murcia, 15-18 June 2016.

Genderfluid identity performances online. Presented as part of panel on ‘Transgressive interactions on social media’ organised by Sirpa Leppanen and Piia Varis, IGaLa 9 (International Gender and Language Association), City University of Hong Kong, 19-21 May 2016.

Conference/Seminar organisation

(with Caroline Tagg, Kristina Hultgren, Laura Paterson, Philip Seargeant, and Frank Monaghan) BAAL Special Interest Group Seminar on: Changing language and communication practices in networked societies, The Open University, Milton Keynes, 27 April 2018.  

(with Philip Seargeant) Contemporary Cultures of Writing Writing Autumn Seminar series in collaboration with the Institute of English Studies on Creativity, Language, and Creative WritingSenate House, University of London, October - December 2017.

(with Marjut Johansson) Panel on: Mediatizing emotion in reactions to global events and crises, International Pragmatics Association Conference (Special Theme: Pragmatics in the Real World), Belfast, July 2017.  

(with Mikka Pers-Hojholt and Charlotte Webb) Panel on: Sharing, participation, and mash-up in digital storytelling, IABA Europe 2017 - Life Writing, Europe and New Media, King’s College London, June 7-9, 2017

 (with Philip Seargeant) Seminar convenor of research seminars on Narrative as Research Method (April, 2016) and Digital Literacies (July, 2016), Language and Communication Research Cluster, Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology (CREET).

(with Stacey Pitsillides) 2nd International Death Online Research Symposium, Kingston University London, August 2015.

(with Sharon Young) Research Day on Interpretations of Death and Dying, Kingston University London, November 2014.

Public engagement events

Death Café Organiser and Facilitator, Stanley Picker Gallery (with Oreet Ashery, Stanley Picker artist-in-residence), June 2015.

Death Café Organiser and Facilitator, Kingston University London (with Josefine Speyer, Psychotherapist and Co-Director, Natural Death Centre & Sharon Young), November 2014.

Death Café Organiser and Facilitator, Rose Theatre, Kingston University (with Sharon Young, Department of Politics, Kingston University London), May 2014.

Public engagement writing

What effect is social media having on the way we mourn global tragedies? (with Philip Seargeant) Open Learn, 28 March 2017.

How sexist is the urban environment? (with Philip Seargeant) OpenDemocracy, 31 May 2017.

Statue Wars: Competing Narratives in the Public Landscape (with Philip Seargeant) The Sociological Review, 24 August 2017.


External collaborations

Academic consultation

Oreet Ashery (Goldsmiths University), 'Revisiting Genesis' web series and film, Wellcome Trust Small Arts Awards  

Steering group member, International Death Online Research Network.


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